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Asphalt Shingle Applications

On your new house there are several decisions that need to be made, what colour of flooring do we want? What colour of trim do we like? Who should we be calling and when to have the job flow orderly? Roofing your home directly follows framing completion and your roofing contractor should be hired prior to framing completion in order to prevent delays.

What to consider about your new roof? Asphalt shingles are the most cost effective product available for sloped structures. Underlayment is always recommended as an added protection from water penetration and should be used as recommended by the shingle manufacturer. The colour and style of the shingle is where you can make or break the look of your new roof and home. Colours should blend nicely with the house trim and exterior wall make up. Gathering samples of each portion of your exterior and laying them out will help to make an educated decision, also viewing projects that have appealing features can help create an ideal exterior finish.

Hiring a roofing contractor with a history of success in your community is vital to ensuring that they will be available if a problem does occur. New construction is where a lot of new roofing companies start because the overhead is minimal and the work is available, however new roofing companies have a less than 50% chance of being in business for over 3 years. What good is a workmanship warranty if the company is no longer in business? Hire based on reputation not just price.

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Waterproofing Roofing is committed to a proactive health and safety program aimed at protecting our staff, our clients property, and the environment from injury or damage. We are an avid supporter and advocate member of the Alberta Certificate of Recognition program which certifies that we have an active Health and Safety Program in place.

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