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Flat Roof Replacement

Quite recently, we have heard customers ask about roofing products such as single-plied roofing, spray foam insulations and metal roofing for low sloped or flat roofs. The one question asked to each of them is, "If you have had leaks in the past, why do you want to cover over any underlying problems like rotten wood deck, rotten or wet insulations or trapped water?" In a re-roofing situation it is best to remove the old tar and gravel roof, remove and replace the rotten insulation and fix the roof deck. These other above-mentioned roof systems are most commonly used as direct applications overtop of everything.

You might ask "Why doesn't everyone with a flat or low slope roof put this product on?". Over the past 10 years, the industry has done an about-face and, thankfully, tar and gravel has been phased out with this proven system. There are many long-standing roofs in Lethbridge with examples being the Enmax Centre, Adams Ice Centre, the westside firehall and even my own house, that are proving every day they are watertight, windproof and environmentally friendly.

single-plied roofing, spray foam insulations and metal roofing low sloped or flat roofs watertight, windproof and environmentally friendly

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