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Waterproofing Roofing Ltd. is located in Lethbridge Alberta, which experiences both a unique climate & drastic temperature changes with strong Chinook winds. To build roofs in Southern Alberta you need to know what methods and materials can withstand the local climate. That's where Waterproofing Roofing comes in. Our company has been serving satisfied customers in Southern Alberta for over twenty years.

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Many homeowners are apprehensive about choosing a roofer and that's usually because they don't understand how roofing systems work. Don't be afraid to spend some time educating yourself about roofs. It's also wise to hire an experienced roofing company from southern Alberta; one thats familiar with our unique climate and the havoc it can wreak on roof systems, and that has a superior track record of success.

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  • Torch-On Repair

Whether we're repairing Residential or Commercial roofing, we have the experience in the industry to know not only WHY older roofing was used, but now what newer materials and methods work more efficiently. Once applied on your roof, you'll be set for many years to come with regular maintenance.

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  • Shingle Repair

Repairs are possible on most asphalt roofs but that's not the only issue that can arise on a sloped roof, there are attic vents, plumbing flashings, goose neck flashings, valley flashings, step flashings, wall metals, turbine vents, skylights, etc. that can fail. Don't fall victim to lack of maintenance, interior damage is costly.

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  • Flat Roof Replacement

Quite recently, we have heard customers ask about roofing products such as single-plied roofing, spray foam insulations and metal roofing for low sloped or flat roofs. The one question asked to each of them is, "If you have had leaks in the past, why do you want to cover over any underlying problems like rotten wood deck, rotten or wet insulations or trapped water?"

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  • Sloped Roof Replacement

There are several different products available for installation for your sloped roof. Asphalt shingles are the most economical and proven system available for sloped roofs. Over the past decade several new lines of asphalt shingles have been introduced offering warranties ranging from 20-50 years.

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  • Asphalt Shingle Applications

Hiring a roofing contractor with a history of success in your community is vital to ensuring that they will be available if a problem does occur. Roofing your home directly follows framing completion and your roofing contractor should be hired prior to framing completion in order to prevent delays. Hire based on reputation not just price

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  • Torch-On Applications

Torch-on roof systems are applicable in several low slope roofing situations, allowing the owners the security of a roof system that does it's job. A building can be designed to have it's roof insulation meet the needs of the client all with a positive drainage slope. There are several different quality torch-on products to choose from.

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Waterproofing Roofing - Lethbridge, AB

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Waterproofing Roofing of Lethbridge Alberta Canada In Lethbridge, we have one of the most unique climates in the world with drastic temperature changes that can occur in just a matter of hours, as well as strong chinook winds. The difference between a good asphalt roof and one that leaks or blows away is in the hands of the applicator.

That's where Waterproofing Roofing comes into the picture. Our specialists know what methods and materials really can handle the needs of Southern Alberta's property owners.

Every roof has a unique combination of components requiring a specific solution. Our specialists provide solutions to meet each customer's roofing situation, and are available for consultation to leverage our industry experience for the benefit of our customers.

Lethbridge High Level Bridge Centennial Lighting Our business goal is to give our clients the best service we know how. We approach every job with a professional attitude and appearance. We do what we say we are going to do, and we show up. When we finish a job, we always follow-up with our customer. We grade the quality of the work, and ascertain our customer's satisfaction for a job well done. Our aim is to 'wow' our customers from beginning to end in their roofing experience. A satisfied customer is the best advertising we can have.

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Commitment To Safety

 COR Safety certifying body

Waterproofing Roofing is committed to a proactive health and safety program aimed at protecting our staff, our clients property, and the environment from injury or damage. We are an avid supporter and advocate member of the Alberta Certificate of Recognition program which certifies that we have an active Health and Safety Program in place.

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